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During The Workshop

Hawk Mikado

Will Personally Coach You On:

  • The hidden snags in your strategy and mindset that are silently capping your business's growth potential, even if you’re working hard and spending a fortune.

  • The critical risks of not addressing your business challenges— how small oversights can escalate into big problems down the line, harming client relationships, your income, and the future stability of your business.

  • The cost of not acting quickly in a market that waits for no one and the risk of allowing competitors to sneak ahead while you're standing still.

  • Approaching your marketing with a BEAST MODE mindset , turning it into a powerhouse by tackling your unique challenges head-on and setting the stage for real, sustainable growth.

And a TON more. We go LIVE in just a few days. Limited space.

& You'll Leave With A Clear Strategy To Scale!

Here's What You'll Learn Each Hour Of The

'Scale With BEAST MODE' Live Event

How To Install THE BEAST MODE Into Your Business So That You Can Grow & Scale To 7+ Figures

4-Hour Workshop With Hawk Mikado


Hawk Mikado

He’s a #1 ClickFunnels Certified Partner & #1 GoHighLevel Certified Admin, professional Neuro-Linguistic Communication Trainer, skillful Business Strategist & the #1 Funnel Builder for authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants.

  • Craft messages that connect deeply with your audience and encourage action.

  • Discover how to keep your audience interested and turn them into loyal fans.

  • Make offers that encourage customers to buy more and boost your profits.

  • Improve your sales process for a smoother customer journey from start to finish.

  • Understand your audience's needs and position your business as the go-to solution.

  • Track important numbers to refine your strategies and outdo competitors.


In this Q&A part of the workshop, we will answer your biggest questions. We'll help you use the Beast Mode Method in the best way for your business. Here are the top five questions we'll tackle to make the most of your time at the workshop:

  • How can I change the way I talk about my business so it really connects with the people I want to reach?

  • What are the best ways to keep people interested in what I offer and turn them into loyal fans of my business?

  • What’s the best way to spot & fix the slow spots in my sales process to help turn more leads into customers?

  • How can I learn more about what my customers want and need, and use that info to make my business better?

  • How do I track the right things in my business to make smart choices that help my business grow?

Our Mission

Our Mission

Hawk is helping scale thousands of businesses to 7-figures in 2024

Will You Pass On This or Seize The Opportunity?

This Is The FASTEST Way To Scale With A PROVEN System We've Used To Help Dozens of Entrepreneurs Add 7+ Figures!

(If Your Business Is Behind, You Have Slow Sales, And Keep Hitting A Revenue Glass Ceiling DON’T Skip This!)

Meet Your Future Business Growth Mentor:

Hawk Mikado

Investor, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Perhaps you've come across my name in the media or caught a glimpse of me on TV. 

Certified as the #1 ClickFunnels Partner and #1 GoHighLevel Certified Admin, aside being the go-to Funnel Builder for authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants.

I am also a professional Neuro-Linguistic Communication Trainer, and Business Strategist.

USA News dubbed me "The Genius Business Growth Strategist," acknowledging my ability to elevate service-based businesses with record-breaking sales growth and cost-efficient lead generation.

In the funnel building space, I've gained notoriety as the #1 Funnel Builder for service-based businesses with High-Ticket Offers, skyrocketing client revenues well beyond the $100M mark. 

As a 3-time International Best Selling Author and the award-winning Publisher of Funnel Magazine, my commitment is to teach and support funnel enthusiasts, business owners and creators.

My proven BEAST MODE Method has generated jaw-dropping 200-300% increases in sales for multiple businesses within weeks.

My unique lead generation approach has slashed costs to a qualified booked sales call by over 90% for numerous clients.

With over a decade of experience in marketing, sales, and copywriting, I've created 7+ & 8+ figure funnels for dozens of companies.

I've even had the privilege of interviewing over 36+ millionaire and billionaire business leaders.

The 'BEAST MODE Method' has been the driving force behind thousands of entrepreneurs scaling to 6-figures in just the first couple of months.

Are You Ready

to Take Your Business from Groundwork to Greatness?

Before The Workshop

  • Baffled by how to articulate your business's true value

  • Juggling inconsistent interactions with your audience and sporadic sales

  • Unsure about the winning combination of your services & products to keep your clients returning

  • Facing roadblocks in your sales process, watching promising leads fade away

  • Finding your strategies to be more guesswork than grounded, data-driven moves

  • Making sense of this data to drive strategic changes feels like navigating through a maze

After The Workshop

  • Crafting messages that strike the right chord with your audience every time

  • Keeping your audience intrigued, ensuring each interaction strengthens their curiosity

  • Structure your services or products into an irresistible offer

  • Fine-tuned sales process from the first touchpoint to the final sale

  • Leave with deep market insights under your belt, ready to predict and meet your market's needs

  • Making decisions that are informed, precise, and result in tangible business growth

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